The ultimate company to revolutionise the aftermarket car parts sector. Mahoo is a cloud based inventory management, sales platform and application for car dismantlers. Traditional inventory management software requires the user to manually input the car‘s maker, model, colour, engine, year and all its parts individually into an installed piece of software on a computer. With over 7,000 parts in a car this is extremely time consuming and inefficient. Mahoo plans to innovate this stagnant industry by automating the entire process and opening up the global market to local businesses. With Mahoo, car dismantlers will save time through automation, and with access to a larger market, increase sales allowing them to scale their business.

Europe Strartup & Horizon 2020 programme is an early stage SaaS startup that is creating a streamlined inventorisation software for the automotive industry. Currently in the prototyping stage, is a member of the pan-European EU-XCEL (Horizon 2020) acceleration programme.

2016 Cartagena EUXCEL

1st Place Award

European Startup EUXCEL

Public standup pitch


Business Solutions IT Services

2016 München EUXCEL

1st place Award

European Commission

Entrepreneurship Day


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